The Birth of Slow Green Death

What’s up, friends! I’m Lindsey, the creator of Slow Green Death.

I bought my first houseplant in January of 2020, and by the same time 2021 it had well over 100 other friends. As both the plants and my obsession with them grew, I realized how many questions people had about them, and how easy it was for me to spend way too long answering. I wanted to create a place to share the overflow of information in my brain and make it helpful for plant parents both new and veteran.

Thus the unfurling of Slow Green Death, where the goal is to bring plants down to earth. So many people are intimidated away, but I promise there’s a plant for everyone, even if you think you have more of a murder thumb than a green one. I can’t wait to help you find your perfect plant, and for you to experience how cool it is to have outdoor life inside your home.

Thanks for joining me as I happily lose this really slow game of Jumanji, and may all your plants’ deaths be Slow and Green.


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