Wherever you are on your houseplant journey, Slow Green Death offers the following services to guide you through the jungle:

Personal Plant Shopping List

If you love the idea of houseplants but struggle finding what will do well in your home, this service gives you exactly that. Through a virtual consultation of your indoor environment, we’ll provide personal plant recommendations based on factors like your available sunlight, schedule, and level of plant care experience. Plant shop like a pro with a personalized list from Slow Green Death in your pocket - we got you. 

Virtual Plant Care Coaching

Have the plants, but not sure what's next? Slow Green Death is here for you. Our goal is to set you and your plants up for the best chance of success. We’ll walk together through watering, repotting, pruning, fertilizing, and diagnosing/treating any problems you encounter. Schedule an individual call below whenever you need one, or ask us how you can save and subscribe to a monthly membership.

Maintenance Memberships

Enjoy all the green, without any of the effort. Allow us the privilege of keeping your plants happy and your hands clean with a Slow Green Death Monthly Maintenance Membership. This service is perfect for you if you want plants in your space without doing the dirty work. We’ll handle it all during our regularly scheduled plant care visits, including watering, pruning, leaf cleaning, fertilizing, and diagnosing/treating any potential issues.

Indoor Plant Styling

If you’re not sure how best to incorporate plants into a space, let a specialist style it for you. Slow Green Death will evaluate your environment and help you feel firsthand the difference plants can make in the energy of a room. We’ll custom curate your space with plants, factoring in your plant care experience and personal taste. This service can be stand-alone or added on to a Maintenance Membership or Coaching subscription.

Plant Care Coaching Call

Still have questions? Send us a message and we'll work together to find the path that's right for you.