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Aloe Vera, Small

Aloe Vera, Small

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Nerd Name: Aloe barbadensis miller
    Other Names: First Aid Plant, Burn Plant, Aloe

      Everyone's heard of it, we've all seen them and have probably bought some in a tube from the store at some point - the Aloe Vera plant. It's time to ditch the tube and upgrade to the real, natural thing. The thick, fleshy, barbed leaves of this stemless succulent bring a prehistoric vibe to any bright room, and many consider the gel kept within that sage green skin to be magic. It can be used to help accelerate healing of skin damage like burns, cuts, scrapes, acne, etc., and it may provide a variety of health benefits when consumed in measured amounts.

      Aloe are ranked as a Level 2 Plant by Slow Green Death. You might have to get to know this one for a bit, but once you do the maintenance is pretty low. 

      Care Difficulty: Level 2 Plant
      Sunlight: Bright, Direct or Indirect
      Water: After soil has been fully dry for at least 2 weeks
      Humidity: Moderate
      Toxicity: Safe for humans, mildly toxic to pets
      Temperature: Comfortable between 55-85F

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