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Braided Money Tree, Small

Braided Money Tree, Small

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Nerd Name: Pachira aquatica

Other Names: Money Tree

Money Trees in many cultures are symbols of abundance and good fortune, and they make great additions to any indoor plant collection. They develop thick stems and the tiny baby leaves that emerge will mature into a green canopy that will make you feel richer just looking at it. Maybe. That's up to you, try not to depend on external things to make you feel certain ways. Idk just get the plant, it'll look good in your space and bring you good vibes whether you want them or not. 

Care Difficulty: Level 2 Plant
Sunlight: Medium to bright, Indirect
Water: Water when the soil is mostly dry
Humidity: Moderate
Toxicity: Safe for people and pets
Temperature: Happiest between 65-85F

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