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Fishbone Cactus, Small

Fishbone Cactus, Small

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Nerd Name: Epiphyllum anguliger

Other Name(s): Zig Zag Cactus, Ric Rac Cactus, Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone cacti are awesome plants for those of you with a brighter space who don't want to give much attention to the plant you're shopping for. They're unique, slow-growing plants that will chill happily for weeks in between waterings. Longer fronds will drape over the edge of the pot when mature, making them great hanging plants as well as surface plants.

Care Difficulty: Level 1 Plant
Sunlight: Bright, direct or Indirect
Water: After soil has been completely dry for at least a few days
Humidity: Low - moderate
Toxicity: Safe for pets and people
Temperature: Happiest between 60-85F

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