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Hoya 'Krimson Queen', Medium

Hoya 'Krimson Queen', Medium

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Nerd Name: Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen'

Other Name(s): Hoya Tricolor, Wax Plant

Krimson Queen are a common type of Hoya, and are one of our favorites here at Slow Green Death. We love most Hoyas, but when this lovely variety gets enough direct light, the leaves "sun stress" to reveal pink variegation in the foliage and will sometimes develop fully pink leaves. They require lots of bright light, but tolerate a bit of neglect between waterings, are safe for pets, and might even bloom tiny, sweet smelling flowers.

Care Difficulty: Level 1 Plant
Sunlight: Bright, at least partially direct
Water: Water as soon as soil feels mostly dry
Humidity: Moderate - High
Toxicity: Safe for pets and people
Temperature: Happiest between 60-85F

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