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Hoya 'Macrophylla', Medium

Hoya 'Macrophylla', Medium

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Nerd Name: Hoya macrophylla

Other Name(s): Wax Plant, Large Leaf Hoya

We don't know why these don't have a good common name yet, but basically macrophylla rouuuuughly translates to "large leaves". So you get all the perks of a Hoya, but with lush vines of larger leaves. These make great hanging plants for a south or west facing window as they require bright light, and at their happiest, bloom little bundles of sweet smelling flowers. 

Care Difficulty: Level 1 Plant
Sunlight: Bright, at least partially direct
Water: Water after soil dries out completely
Humidity: Moderate
Toxicity: Safe for pets and people
Temperature: Happiest between 60-85F

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