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Jade Plant, Medium

Jade Plant, Medium

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Nerd Name: Crassula ovata
    Other Names: Jade Plant, Lucky Plant, Money Plant
      Jade plants are a staple in most house plant collections, for a few good reasons. They're relatively low maintenance and grow thick, full bushels of foliage. Mature plants can get up to 6 feet tall, developing a thick tree-trunk and likely blooming small, pink, fragrant leaves. They're also said to bring good luck into your home when placed near the entrance (if you have a bright enough spot for it there). 

        Care Difficulty: Level 1 Plant
        Sunlight: Bright, partially direct light (direct light for portion of the day)
        Water: Thoroughly when soil is completely dry
        Humidity: Moderate
        Toxicity: NOT safe for pets or people
        Temperature: Happiest between 65-80F

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