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Madagascar Palm, Small

Madagascar Palm, Small

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Nerd Name: Pachypodium lamerei

    Other Name(s): Madagascar Palm

      Spice up your collection with a plant that will stand out from any other you have. Despite their common name, Madagascar palms are actually succulent plants. They earn their name from their unique appearance, sprouting thin, fragile leaves from at the top of thick stems that have enough thorns to double as a weapon for self defense, if you had to. Long story short, they're really cool looking and won't blend in, no matter how many plants you already have. 

      Care Difficulty: Level 2 Plant
      Sunlight: Bright, direct or indirect
      Water: After soil is completely dry
      Humidity: Moderate
      Toxicity: NOT safe for pets or humans to ingest
      Temperature: Happiest between 60-85F

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