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Mini Monstera, Small

Mini Monstera, Small

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Nerd Name: Raphidaphora tetrasperma

    Other Name(s): Mini Monstera

      These vining plants are fast growers when cared for properly and will have your space full of cute little split leaves in no time! They're happiest when allowed to climb a stake (or a wall, with some help) and are relatively easy going compared to other plants. This is a staple in any plant collection, so if you haven't added one of these yet consider this your sign. 

      Care Difficulty: Level 2 Plant
      Sunlight: Moderate to bright, mostly indirect (can tolerate some direct sun)
      Water: Water deeply as soon as soil is completely dry
      Humidity: Moderate to high
      Toxicity: NOT safe for pets and people
      Temperature: Happiest between 60-80F

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