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Moonshine Snake Plant, Medium

Moonshine Snake Plant, Medium

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Nerd Name: Dracaena trifasciata 'Moonlight'

    Other Names: Snake Plant, Sansevieria Moonshine, Mother-in-Law's Tongue

      Slow down for a moment and take a deep breath. For real, stop what you're doing and take a long, slow, deep breath. Feel better? Perfect. That's how looking at this plant feels to us. This soft, comforting shade of sage green does something for us, and we want you to experience it too. Just as low-maintenance as it is low light tolerant, Snake Plant Moonshine will bring calming energy to any space in your home. 

      Care Difficulty: Level 1 Plant
      Sunlight: Low to bright, indirect or direct
      Water: When soil has been completely dry for 1 month
      Humidity: Moderate - high
      Toxicity: NOT safe for pets or people to ingest
      Temperature: Happiest between 65-85F

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