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Peace Lily, Small

Peace Lily, Small

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Nerd Name: Spathyphyllum wallisii

    Common Names: Peace Lily, White Sails

      Peace Lillies are common indoor plants that are known for tolerating low light conditions. They're often given as gifts to those who may be mourning a loved one, as they bring a soothing energy to the spaces they inhabit. Though they don't need a lot of sunlight, they are a bit higher maintenance and will faint dramatically when they get too thirsty. As long as they get a drink quickly, they'll spring back to life as if nothing ever happened, and reward the attention they get with new growth and possibly a few flowers.

      Care Difficulty: Level 2 Plant
      Sunlight: Low to bright, indirect - direct sun may burn leaves
      Water: Keep soil evenly moist
      Humidity: Moderate to high
      Toxicity: NOT safe for pets or people
      Temperature: Happiest between 65-80F

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