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Peacock Plant, Medium

Peacock Plant, Medium

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Nerd Name: Calathea makoyana

    Common Names: Calathea 'Cathedral Windows', Peacock Plant

      These lil beauties get their common name from the intricate network of veins and patterns that make the leaves look like stained glass windows. These standout plants love higher humidity and hate when their soil is dry for too long, making them higher maintenance plants. Once their care is nailed down, however, they unfurl leaf after leaf, giving their viewers a show with their canopy of multi-colored leaves.

      Care Difficulty: Level 4 Plant
      Sunlight: Medium to bright, indirect - direct sun may burn leaves
      Water: Keep soil evenly moist
      Humidity: High
      Toxicity: Safe for pets and people
      Temperature: Happiest between 65-80F

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