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Monstera Adansonii, Large

Monstera Adansonii, Large

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Nerd Name: Monstera adansonii

    Other Name(s): Adanson's monstera, Swiss Cheese Vine

      This low maintenance, fast growing, show stopper of a plant is one of our favorites at Slow Green Death. Beginners will be surprised by how well they get along with this Monstera, being rewarded with leaf after leaf from minimal required effort. They're tolerant of most light situations, but might get burnt by too much direct sun. 

      Care Difficulty: Level 1 Plant
      Sunlight: Bright, indirect
      Water: When top half of soil is dry
      Humidity: Moderate to high
      Toxicity: NOT safe for pets or people to ingest
      Temperature: Happiest between 65-85F

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